First run since May

By Christopher Beck | August 16, 2008

Hello everyone, as you can see I haven’t run in a long time. I’m overweight and out of shape and the summer here in AK was abnormally cold and wet. For these and other reasons my procrastinating “if you wait until there are three months to the event it only takes three months to train for it” mentality has kicked in and now I’m starting my running LifeOver™ again!

With that said, I finally got out there on Monday and ran! Instead of doing what I usually do and running 2 miles even if it hurts and then building up to 3 miles in only 2 or 3 runs, I have decided to just go with how my body feels and build up slower. So, I only ran one mile! I know that is ridiculous but I ran it slow, sang songs and ran to my tunes (no, I don’t call my mp3 player an iPod) and decided to walk after completing only a mile. I did walk another mile in an attempt to keep my heart rate up a little longer.

I think that starting this way will keep my mind from talking me into quitting my running because I’m sore from starting too aggressively. I hope this logic is sound but here it is Thursday and I didn’t run Tuesday because my shins were sore and Wednesday I used the excuse of being upset at getting yet another pack of the ‘never ending’ divorce court papers! Today, Thursday, I’ll use the excuse of meeting another couple for drinks right after work at 5pm… Do you see? This is why I keep having to start my running LifeOver™! Maybe I can force myself to run during lunch today… OH, WAIT! I’m saved. A friend asked me to being my golf clubs to work today to go to the driving range and try to begin the long road trying to get my 132 golf score to descend.

These are the thoughts of an old runner trying to begin again. I can make it. All I have to do is start my LifeOver™ when I get off track.

As far as half-marathon training, I do plan on getting a running plan from some of the well known authorities, and when I do I’ll be sure to let you know. For now, I just need to get out there on the track and run again. If I can run either today or Friday, then a run on Saturday will still be a total or 3 for the week. Yippee, for me!

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Getting Started Training - Atlanta Marathon, Nov 2008

By Christopher Beck | April 19, 2008

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  • Ted turned and looked at Linda for the first time and she gave him a striking smile. He knew she had to be somewhere else, but managed to distract her enough that she had carelessly forgotten the time.
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    Since I’ve publicly made the commitment to run the Atlanta Marathon in November this year, I haven’t ran a step! Well, actually that’s not quite accurate, I did run a mile last week on my treadmill. Oh, I could complain that the snow just melted here in Alaska and that we’ve had more than three feet of snow and it’s been dark here for more than 18 hours a day for the last six months, and that would be true! But my laziness is the culprit. That and the downward spiral of the momentum of non-activity.

    I’ve had it! My pants are too tight. My face is getting more chubby looking and I’m feeling older than my 43 years. The melting snow, increasing Alaskan daylight and approaching summer have motivated me to start running again to start my fitness LifeOver! Hopefully, this will have the side effect of starting my relationship LifeOver too <grin> because as Richard Pryor’s (MudBone) says, “I’m ’bout ready for another woman!”

    On another note, I’ve started a test to track my training progress here and will provide a review shortly.

    Enjoy your day, and start some LifeOver today!

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    P90x, the Atlanta Half-Marathon or a self-made fitness makeover? …that is the question!

    By Christopher Beck | February 16, 2008

    Today I was talking to a long-time friend who started the P90x fitness system as a new year’s resolution. As of today, he’s already lost from 222lbs to 202lbs! His goal is 185lbs and 15% body fat. …says he want to get his ’six pack’ on!

    Me, I just want to get healthy. I want to NOT be out of breath walking a simple flight of stairs, to be able to bend over without feeling the pressure of my belly pushing the air out of my lungs and I want look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside. I would like some new dress clothes. I don’t think I’ll purchase P90x yet. Maybe later, but my track record for working out is dismal.

    Although I’ve been thin several times in my life, all of them when I was involved in some life-changing career move like each of the military flight schools from which I graduated, or some other major life event that motivated me to get in shape, I have never remained in shape. I haven’t been grossly overweight but I have been in the category of friends referring to me as “Hey, big guy!” or “Big Chris”. I’m tired of that and I don’t like it. So it’s up to me to do something about it! Start LifeOver™ again!

    In each of my previous body transformations, running was a major part of my program. Often I didn’t choose the method but running was chosen for me in every case. I became a crisis body makeover runner and it works for me. So, I’m starting this part of my LifeOver™ and publically stating my goal of running a half-marathon (come big or stay at home ;)) in Atlanta, GA this year at the Atlanta Half-Marathon on Thursday, November 27th, 2008. Also, I’m going to ask my two best friends to run it with me.

    Wish me luck!

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    By Christopher Beck | January 20, 2008

    Alright everyone… time to start ‘LiveOver’ again!!! Like I said “Who cares?” …and besides, the alternative sucks! Ok, you might be wondering, “Which department?” Funny you should ask, lol. Let’s see:

    1. My Blog: I haven’t posted here in months. RL (Real Life) getting in the way again.

    2. Fitness: I quit my running program and need to start that LO again. I’ll post what happened for the curious (more like bored :))

    3. Body Mass: I’ve gained weight, clearly a result of the above. If I don’t start this one over I’ll have to add a category for starting my ‘wardrobe’ over, haha.

    4. Companionship: Lost a girlfriend and possibly more. …must find another. No, I don’t ‘have’ to have one but they are oh so pleasant at times! At any rate, keep the door open while I get on with starting all the other things over!

    5. Finances: I’ve recently gotten my finances back ‘online’ two years after my separation/divorce(20years) and now I can see again… I’m ok now, but it’s time to start the ‘Financial Organization LifeOver™’ again definitely! ;). I think it might take me a couple of years but I intend on kicking Tony Robbins off the circuit!

    6. Home Organization:  I’m starting that one over too!  The plan? I’m going to systematically clean, repair and organize my home, beginning from the most lived-in areas to the least.  Step Two:  Hire a cleaning service.  …I’m thinking 30-something’s female employees to help me maintain my newly renovated castle.

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    He shook his head, I know you think that, but your thoughts are not the least bit as horrible as you think they are, especially if you knew what I ve heard and seen in my time. She swallowed the lump in her throat and forced her attention back to Esther and Miriam.
  • Regardless of what the legendary Vampire portrays, you are the true Prince of the night and you must protect your own. Charlotte stood and walked over to her bed, looking down at the highwayman's coat.
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    I hope you’re ready to start some of these Life’s over with me. Let me know. If I get a few readers, I’ll start a forum for sharing our adventures, failures and successes.

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  • Shrugging the thought off, he slipped his boots on by the front door.
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    I was just about to get Jason to offer to give you horse riding lessons when Richie butted in and ruined it.

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    She figured he didn t want anything to do with her after she misbehaved and embarrassed him in front of Elsa. She approached her with long strides that seemed uncharacteristic for her small frame.

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    Can you help me with and other ‘Life’s’ (not lives ;)) that YOU want to start over? Let me know, feel free to contact me via email or any other way you’d like.

    Start it over now!

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    Running Update

    By Christopher Beck | September 19, 2007

    Hey everyone! I thought I’d post about my first two failures, lol. I haven’t ran in more than a week and I haven’t blogged everyday as promised.

    I haven’t ran since Saturday, 9.9.07. My running goal is 200 miles by December 7, 2007. I started this program with 100 days to go until that date and have to average 2 miles per day. At this point, I’m figuring that although I can’t run 2 miles every day because of soreness and me being out of shape, I’ll be able to make it up with longer runs in the last month or so.

    I will keep you advised regarding my progress and my only concern is that because of laziness, or in my present case sickness and rain, I’ll get too far off of the 2 mile/day average that even Superman can’t make it up.

    Regarding my blogging… my excuse is that I upgraded to the latest Wordpress, 2.2.3, and in addition started this new domain and moved my blog. I know, yadayadayada… excuses, excuses… Anyway, I’m on track now, but I should have waited until the new Wordpress 2.3 is released this week. I just figured that it would only be procrastinating further!

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  • Jack hadn t violated any of their laws by taking Tanya and he knew this. He was out of shape and with the rush of adrenaline over 25 Lietha Wards what he d seen he was quickly exhausted.
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    She screamed at him, losing all her feminine composure, You don t care? It took an hour to transform Elsa from the athletic medical student into a stunning woman.

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    So, who’s with me out there? Anyone going to start this thing with me? I’ve left posting open to anyone so feel free to leave a comment and show some love, support or just make some public goals of your own. You hole me to mine and I’ll hold you to yours!

    Peace, Chris

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    Transformation - Take charge of my health

    By Christopher Beck | September 17, 2007

    Ok folks, here’s my dedicated space to document my commitment to changing my health and taking back control of my body and mind. Although I’m not sure how this will pan out, I do plan on publicly committing myself to my goals and blogging about them. I will post once a day and at least admit to any successes or failures with my exercise regimen or food choices/intake.

    It may be boring to some… but I’m doing this for me. If you find it interesting leave me a note. Makes some comments! I do hope that you will find my journey interesting, successful, motivating or even humorous. Join me and start this part of YOUR life over! We can all do it. Help me, help you, help me! :)


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